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For Fun!

Play with SAMM at the Science Museum of Minnesota!

The Minnesota Antibiotic Resistance Collaborative (MARC) has an exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

  • Visit Bacteria Blaster in the "Body Gallery" at the Science Museum of Minnesota !
  • Bacteria Blaster is an arcade style video game kiosk located in the body gallery near the visiting scientist's station.

Bacteria Blaster

  • Bacteria Blaster is designed to increase the public’s awareness of antibiotic resistance and infection prevention.
  • It is a arcade style 3-tiered computer game taking you through different fun games where you learn about the differences between virus and bacteria, when antibiotics work and how to prevent the spread of infection.

Play Online

Disease Detectives

  • While you are at the Science Museum... visit the Disease Detectives Exhibit for more interactive fun and learning as you become a detective and investigate infectious diseases.
  • You can learn more about the exhibit at the Disease Detectives website.